Tiny abandoned house in Iceland

Visit to the Westfjords in Iceland

Camera: Canon EOS 5D MKII
Lens: Canon EF 17-40 mm. f/4.0L

On my latest visit to Iceland, my third time there, I found myself exploring the West-fjords of Iceland. On all my previous visits I had been nearly all-over the island, but never in the North-West where the West-fjords sticks out with a prominent collections of peninsulas, easy reconcilable on a map.

The weather did not play in our favor today, I say "our" because I had the fortune that my adult kids had joined me for a week in the middle of my four weeks visit during August and September, - and so we did more driving than we would wish for. But that´s how things are when visiting Iceland, you will never know what to expect weather-wise.

Going west on the gravel-road in the most Southern peninsula of the West-fjords we passed this tiny abandoned house, not far from the root of a narrow fjord. And my daughter wanted to have a closer look. It was a strange sensation to walk around in this neglected small building, the passing of years and the rough weather in this exposed place had taken a toll on it, the stairs to the first floor looked unstable, still we had to take a peak in every room in the house, being fairly tiny it had only a few.

Abandoned houses and farms has become a very common sight in Iceland. People are sadly not able to make a descent living in these regions with such a cruel weather pattern. Some years ago the outer parts of fjords here had a nice collections of inhabited farms, but being only accessible by boat most of these have been abandoned. Today the region far North-West is a desolated region, attracting adventurous people that ski-tour in winter, hiking and riding mountain-bikes in the summer.

Ski-touring here in Iceland is high prioritized on my bucket-list, maybe this year I will be able to tick it off. Let´s see, I will surely make an effort to pursuit this and I will try to put it in my itinerary for late this year.