Iceland - one more visit, part seven

I will never get enough adventures on Iceland

Camera: Canon EOS 1Ds MKIII
Lens: Canon EF 16-35 mm. f/4.0L IS, Canon EF 70-200 mm. f/2.8L II IS

While climbing still deeper into the valley and gaining in altitude, one will learn that the river naturally gets younger and also smaller, but what the water looses in weight it gains in temper. While the incline increases, so does the speed over ground.

As the altimeter shows increasing numbers, and the ambient temperature thus drops, the more common the moss becomes, - and grass becomes a rarity. Suddenly and unexpected nature lays out a very vivid acid-green carpet of moss before your eyes. Amazing, that's the emotion I feel, although I have seen this particular strong color several times in the past, the intensity of the green carpet overwhelms me.

Nature is a true artist.


Location: Iceland