Iceland - one more visit, part twenty

I will never get enough adventures on Iceland

Camera: Canon EOS 1Ds MKIII, EOS 5D MKII
Lens: Canon EF 16-35 mm. f/4.0L IS, Canon EF 70-200 mm. f/2.8L II IS
Today turned out to be quite nice photography wise, although the weather started out very poorly. But then, while coming back from Laki via Lei­ˇlsfell, the light changed constantly during most of the afternoon.

I┤m always humble in these moments, - always grateful to encounter these spectacular views. I come here to the interior of Iceland for these short windows of time, to experience these glimpse of natures greatness. No could, no sun ray will never be the same again, any constellation of clouds and light will only exist for a short fragile fraction in time, - never to be seen again.

This is my happy place, this is as simple as life can get for me. Here in the solitude no-one interfers, no-one has expectations, nature has no demands on you and expects nothing in return.
Nature is generous in every way, shares the good and the bad times with you unconditionally, - the wilderness here is kind and gentle, violent, cruel and vicious. Her temper shifts within seconds.

I live to see and frame these moments. Just to document these unique encounters.


Location: Iceland