western sahara adventure 2014, day 12

Three weeks in North Africa driving as far south as latitude 23

Camera: Canon EOS 1Ds MKIII
Lens: Canon EF 16-35 mm. f/4.0L IS

Also today I woke before sunrise, Steve were already up and roaming the hillside above camp. He approached my with a story of seeing plenty of insects up there. So I naturally took off with my camera in hand. Amongst the small creatures that could be found in the sand here was an abundance of tiny snails, not the most obvious place for this I reckon. It must be due to the fact that fog will form here in the morning and evening providing a small amount of freshwater when the condensation occur.

Mostly all day we drove north on the tarmac road running along the North Atlantic coastline. As we got back further north we saw evidence of the previous heavy rainfall, in several spots the road was still totally flooded with water; making it impossible to drive in a ordinary vehicle, so we saw only a few heavy lorries. At a roadside cafe where we had coffee a local wanted to inquire about road conditions towards Dakhla, he was heading south in a sedan and had been held back for three days further up the road due to the flooding.

Around lunch-time we had another visit to civilization and a gas station in Boujdour to stock up supplies and fill our main tanks, and then we headed east into the interior again. Our progress was again compromised by the wet ground in the desert, looking at the desert-base it all looked kind-of normal with a few dark spots, but underneath the dry surface the earth was still soaking wet. We struggled for more than a full stressful hour, and then decided to make another early camp, - we all were pretty tired with no easy moments during the drive in the desert. Off-road driving here in these conditions you had to be completely concentrated in order to avoid the wet parts, - well trying to, - as it was impossible to do so. Each time you hit a soft spot the truck would instantly slow down significantly, and you would be tossed forward in truck, all in all a very tiring situation. We camped at a lakeside, I´m sure this tiny lake will be gone within a few days.