western sahara adventure 2014, day 7 #1

Three weeks in North Africa driving as far south as latitude 23

Camera: Canon EOS 1Ds MKIII
Lens: Canon EF 16-35 mm. f/4.0L IS

We all change over time, and Im not thinking of exterior impression here, Im talking about the change in our personality. Well its not entirely true come to think closer of it, - several individuals will never change, they will forever be selfish and ignorant pricks.

The reason why this comes to me at this moment, is that I have noticed a radical change within myself. Firstly I have observed that when Im in nature, in the middle of desolated beautiful vistas I will wake up by myself without an alarm, very early, often hours before sunrise. At home I really love sleeping late and hate getting up in the morning; but this is not the case at all when Im traveling. I apparently enjoy the grande views so much that Im afraid I will miss out any.

And so again this morning I have risen very early all in good time to enjoy the sunrise itself and the hours beforehand, where the skies gradually changes from dark, over pink to orange, and end up in a warm yellow explosion before it all goes blue, from light blue to a darker one.

Again today I had time to explore the rock art, and on this morning the low light from the sun naturally had a different direction than yesterday evening, allowing me to photograph in a different perspective. I was grateful for this gift that nature presented for my eyes this morning.

So, - to get back to the subject of changes in mentality and personality over age; you see most people will grow softer and become more mellow with age I think. At least thats what has happen to me, I have radically changed my view on, - and my conception of the definition of happiness, and on what it takes to be a happy and fulfilled person. And I have deiced to act on this, to put my newly gained knowledge into action. I will change my way of life radically, and I will not wait until I can retire with a proper retirement plan and pension, but soon, - very soon.