A weekend on the isle of Rømø

Rømø is a paradise for all sports related to the wind

Camera: Canon EOS 5D MKII
Lens: EF 17-40 mm. f/4.0L, EF 70-200 f/2.8L IS MKII + 1.4X extender MKII

Rømø is a paradise for all sports related to the wind. Separate areas on the island has its own kind of sport, - all of them some kind of hardware powered by the wind. It's fun to watch the diversity that exits within these fractions. Para-buggys, wind-carts, wind- and kite-surfers all have their own spot here.

I'm still amazed by the high standards the amateur kite-surfers have here. Thursday and Friday I recon that somewhere around fifty kite-surfers were on the ocean simultaneously, several of them capable of doing stunning trick to show-off. A few of them noticed my camera-kit and did some spectacular stunts in front of my cameras, - nice.

Saturday the ocean saw even a higher number of surfers, - the wind had picked up quite a bit and after a while my hands and fingers were quite cold, so I had a hard time operating the cameras.
Those of you close to me will know that I like it quietly. The Northern west-cost of Rømø can be a bit busy at times, but if you head to the most far Northern section and have 4x4 you can have a spot with not to much of a fuss going on. I like it here in this place and thoroughly enjoyed my prolonged weekend here shooting the kite-surfers doing their thing.