Four weeks in Iceland, day 1 and 2

Third visit to the amazing isle

In the summer of 2013 I was so fortunate as to have four weeks at my disposal to travel around in Iceland, to catch up on my to visit list.

In the summer of 2013 I was so fortunate as to have four weeks at my disposal to travel around in Iceland, to catch up on my to visit list.

Unfortunately the weather was far worse that on the previous two visits I did in 2010 and 2011. Most of the time rain, just simple rain was coming down from above. Not that a bit of rain will take my happiness away, but in total there was only two full days with blue skies. Apparently Iceland have had more rain this summer than in the last eighty years, and groundwater was standing everywhere. Sure I enjoyed some pauses in the rain, and was granted a few glimpse at the sun, but they were rare occurrences.

The problem with the bad weather was that visibility was poor and offered a bad environment for photography, - and I visit Iceland partly to take landscape photographs.

One of the sole full day of no winds and sunshine luckily reviled itself the day I decided to visit Landmanalaugar for the third time over the years. On previous visits rain and gusty winds have made exploration impossible. But this summer it was simply as good as it gets, and I fully enjoyed the spectacular scenery here on one of the most famous locations in Southern Iceland. The other occurred on the very last day, I made the best of it cursing around on some jeep-tracks in the areas North of the Askja region. And again wind-speed was just around zero. My experience is that warmth and sun will be accompanied by no winds. The three of them seems to be best friends.

The rough planing I had done before the trip was simply that I laid out a plan to drive a few of the jeep-trails I had missed out on the previous years, partly due to time restrictions and the capability of my Volkswagen Touareg SUV. This year time and truck skills was on my side and I managed to do most of the planned routes, and quite a few others too. The bad weather had the consequence that I drove more than planed, as being out in the rain all day kind-off spoiled some of the fun.

For myself I like to explore desolated spots and drive the lesser-driven tracks on Iceland. This year I was really alone on most of the tracks and I could drive all day without meeting anybody at all. I like it that way.

I also love waterfalls, and Iceland have them in a wast number, - some very famous, some mostly unknown and off the beaten track. This summer I visited some of which I havn┤t seen before, and revisited quite a number. Go­afoss saw my smile three times this summer, and I also had to visit Detifoss, two of my favorites. Well actually they are all my favorites.