atlas-mountains, morocco, day 10, #1

Defender and G-wagon in search of remoteness

Camera: Canon EOS 1Ds MKIII, EOS 5D mkII
Lens: Canon EF 16-35 mm. f/4.0L IS, EF 24-105 mm. f/4.0L IS

Here in the pristine Anti-Atlas mountains in Morocco we have had no encounters with other tourist so far, - we have luckly only seen the local Berbers, the original inhabitants of this spectacular mountains. Ken and I have deliberately chosen this region for that very reason, and we have enjoyed talking and interacting with the friendly locals.

As persistent and annoying they can behave where the tourist count is high, just as polite and curious they behave here, several of them speaking a very good french. Especially the teenagers master the skill to perform a conversation in a proper way. The King has made education available to all kids in Morocco, and as a castoff a nice progress in happening during these past few years in Morocco.